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Asset Reports are intended to be created on a per-user basis. In the context of a loan application, for example, the lender would create an Asset Report for each borrower on a given loan.


Finally, Asset Reports are immutable , meaning they can only be created and removed, not updated. If you would like to retrieve updated transactions and balances, for example, you can simply create a new Asset Report by submitting the same access_token s and other information you provided when creating the original report.


With your desired access_tokens in hand, all you need to do to create an Asset Report is to call the /asset_report/create endpoint. For a description of each required and optional parameter, see the Assets parameter reference.

To obtain an Asset Report for a given user, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

Create Items Create the Asset Report Retrieve the Asset Report Share the Asset Report

First, you'll obtain an access_token for each of the user's institutions by Belstaff Woman Cottonblend Poplin Shirt White Size 38 Belstaff Online Shop From China OGQFC3touU
. In order for an access_token to be used to obtain an Asset Report, it must have been generated with assets included in Link's product array (see the Quality Free Shipping Low Price Wrapeffect Ruched Cottonblend Jersey Dress Black James Perse With Paypal Cheap 2018 New Jpb4l9tdW
); otherwise, you will encounter a PRODUCT_NOT_ENABLED error when creating an Asset Report with that access_token .

If the user needs to link accounts at multiple institutions, simply repeat the Link flow for each, instructing the user to authenticate the next institution until they have linked all of their intended Items. You can include multiple Items in a single Asset Report by including an access_token for each Item.

With your desired access_tokens in hand, all you need to do to create an Asset Report is to call the /asset_report/create endpoint.

When creating an Asset Report, the only required fields are your client_id , secret , an array of access_token s (one for each Item to be included in the Report), and the number of days_requested which determines the duration of transaction history to be included. All other fields are optional.

The user object allows you to provide additional information about the user to be appended to the Asset Report. All fields in the user object are optional if you simply want to retrieve an Asset Report, however the first_name , last_name , and ssn fields are required if you would like the Report to eligible for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™ program.

At first glance, WarnerMedia’s choice to pivot HBO’s strategy seems like an odd move.

HBO has been a consistent profit-generator for Time Warner with annual revenue hovering around SHIRTS Shirts Maison Scotch Nicekicks For Sale Discount Manchester Great Sale 7vSUHDrJ
(it’s all that Lannister gold) and a mountain of yearly Emmy statues. It boasts the most popular show in the world, Game of Thrones, and has set itself up nicely with a female-fronted future thanks to Westworld , Big Little Lies , Sportmax Code Starna Knitted Dress White Sportmax Official Cheap Price BD79FMFSU
and Insecure . But the current entertainment marketplace demands scale and growth—that’s why ATT gobbled up Time Warner and that’s why Disney and Comcast are chomping at the bit for Fox. In the long term, maintaining the status quo may not be a viable approach, which is perhaps why Stankey is pushing for expansion now.

Fosina is right to highlight the value of audience engagement as it provides platforms with endless viewership analytics. Netflix’s tech team is sitting on a goldmine of data: what viewers watch, how long they watch it for, what type of content they jump from, when they pause, etc. Using that data to serve and promote to an audience enables the streamer to keep them engaged and better tailor its offerings to individualized clusters.

“Netflix is extremely protective of its viewership data to the extent that not even their creative teams understand how many people consume their content,” Sean Cullen, EVP of Product and Technology at Outlet Locations Cheap Nicekicks Printed Racerback Top Gold 7 by VIDA VIDA NyuIe
, told Observer. “HBO needs to invest heavily into collecting and utilizing their own data to shape programming strategies.”

HBO is a booming business, but it wants to further monetize its model to ensure longevity. There are enormous risks and potential downsides to such an approach, including losing the network’s prestigious brand quality that its reputation is built upon. Netflix has spent years building out its library in order to offer something for everyone. Conversely, HBO has sold itself as an elitist in the small screen realm, right down to their tagline, “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.” But this shifting scale in programming is arguably what it means to adjust to the marketplace in the wake of Netflix’s thundering momentum. It’s why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has instructed his streamer to find the next Game of Thrones and why the platform is investing roughly Rivera Midi Dress Faithfull The Brand Explore Clearance Store Cheap Price For Sale Online 100% Original h6xF4CWK
into its Lord of the Rings adaptation.

“Years ago, Netflix stated that their goal was to become HBO faster than HBO could become Netflix,” Cullen said. “Obviously, they’ve been extremely successful. Now, HBO must become Netflix by focusing on its SVOD service rather than traditional cable distribution, owning the relationship with consumers to better understand preferences and behavior, and greatly ramping up the amount of original content produced.”

How can HBO do this?

HBO’s Strategic Shift

Per the Times , Stankey discussed how HBO’s emphasis on premium offerings such as Westworld , which costs roughly $100 million per season, and Big Little Lies may need to change.

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